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  • Composite hose in orange color with fittings of both sides
  • Blue color petroleum composite hose with fittings
  • Composite hose used for high temperature conditions

Composite hose - the first choice for oil and pressure resistance

Hebei QIANLI Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier of composite flexible hoses in China. We have many years experience in manufacturing super high quality complete composite hoses. And we have established long-term cooperation relationship with many companies. What’s more, we have won very high reputation among our customers for the super high quality and excellent after-sale service.

A black-blue marine composite hose.
Marine composite hose is used for the loading and unloading of oil transport in ship to ship and ship to shore.
Several dock composite hoses are on the floor.
Dock composite hose can transfer oil and chemical fluids safely.

Our composite hoses have wide applications in many industries, and they can be divided into many kinds according to the application, such as chemical composite hose, petroleum composite hose, high temperature composite hose, cryogenic composite hose, biofuel and biodiesel composite hose, vapor recovery composite hose, bottom loading composite hose and fire retardant composite hose.

Chemical composite hose is light weight. It has good pressure and temperature resistance. The highest working pressure can be up to 4.0MPa, and it works well at the temperature of -40°C to +180°C. What’s more, it is resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemical fluids. Besides, it has excellent corrosion resistant property.

The petroleum composite hose is mainly used to transfer petroleum. And it can be divided into four kinds based on the application areas: tanker composite hose, marine composite hose, dock composite hose and light oil composite hose.

High temperature composite hose is resistant to oil and corrosion. It works very well in the working conditions of high pressure and high temperature. The working temperature can range from -30°C to +180°C. It is suitable for the heavy duty suction and discharge of petroleum products in dockside and ship to shore.

Cryogenic composite hose can work well at extremely low temperature. The lowest working temperature of cryogenic composite hose is -70°C. It can be used to transfer a number of low temperature fluids, such as butadiene, the mixture of butane and propane, ethyl chloride, methyl bromide, polypropylene, refrigerant gases, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid nitrogen.

Biofuel and biodiesel composite hose has good flexibility. And it is light weight. It is resistant to abrasion, ozone and UV rays. Inner wire is made from stainless steel or aluminum to reduce its weight. Outer wire is made from galvanized mild steel or stainless steel wire. And the cover is made from polypropylene fabrics and films with abrasion resistant PVC coated fabric.

Vapor recovery composite hose is light weight and flexible. It works well at the temperature of -40°C to +150°C. It is mainly used to transfer hydrocarbon vapor and it is also used in the petroleum industry.

Bottom loading hose is easy to operate, and it has very long service life. It is manufactured for all types of refined hydrocarbons. It is suitable for the heavy duty suction and discharge transfer of petroleum products in rail tankers.

Fire retardant composite hose is mainly used to transfer flammable fluids in petroleum industry. Additional fire resistant films and fabrics are included in it. And it is covered with special fiber glass coated with fire retardant PVC to ensure good thermal insulation and low conductivity from the outside to the inside.


Tanker Composite Hose

Tanker Composite Hose

Tanker composite hose is suitable for all fuel oils, such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and biodiesel. It is used for chemical fluids.
Chemical Composite Hose

Chemical Composite Hose

Our chemical composite hoses have two types: standard and special types. They can work in the temperature of -20°C to +100°C to transfer chemical fluids.
High Temperature Composite Hose

High Temperature Composite Hose

High temperature composite hoses can be used in the temperature 177°C, with the ID 1inch to 4 inch, OD 1.5 inch to 4.5 inch, and working pressure 250psi.
Cryogenic Composite Hose

Cryogenic Composite Hose

Cryogenic composite hoses supply the best and ideal conveying solutions for low temperature fluids such as LNG, LPG and ammonia that can down to -200°C.