Composite hose classifications into seven types

The composite hoses have developed rapidly in the field of commerce, so manufacturers are busing producing various types of composite hoses. Here we introduce seven categories:

  1. Multi-use oil composite hose is widely used for conveying the fuel liquid gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, hydrocarbon products such as crude oil.
  2. The multi-use chemical transfer hose is widely used to transport corrosive chemical liquid, natural gas products of chemical resistance.
  3. Automotive composite hose. It specializes in the use of tanker vehicle. It is designed of long curved bending and can be used in a long time, suitable for international universal slots truck.
  4. Terminal ship loading hose, it is committed to the loading and unloading of pier and ship. Designed of reinforcing structure, heavy type, and chemical resistance, it will not crack by frequent bending.
  5. Paint and coatings hose, it is committed to the paint and coatings products. The features are solvent resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent oxidation resistance.
  6. Cryogenic composite hose. It is used in low-temperature environment or transporting of low temperature product, such as ethylene, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas, propane, and dry ice.
  7. High temperature composite hose. It is used to transport products of high temperature places, such as hot water and hot oil.
Cryogenic composite hose bends in a circle

Cryogenic composite hose

Green color composite hose used for chemical service

Multi-chemical composite hose

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