About Us

First established in the year of 1998, Qianli now has developed into a leader of composite hose manufacturing and exporting from a small factory. In recent years our staff has reached the number of 200 including 50 professional persons and technicians. We have exported our composite hoses to over 45 countries including America, England, Russia, and Germany.

We have complete composite hose products, including chemical composite hose, petroleum composite hose, high temperature composite hose, cryogenic composite hose, biofuel and biodiesel composite hose, vapor recovery composite hose, bottom loading composite hose and fire retardant composite hose. And our composite hoses can be used in applications of chemical industry, petroleum conveying, transferring cryogenic Ammonia, LPG and LNG, vapor recovery, high temperature material handling service, and aviation service.

Our composite hose has many advantages in comparison with metal hose and rubber hose. It is light weight which makes it easy to operate. It is very flexible even though it is in the environment of very low temperature. It is composed of multi-layer, so there is no special damage on its surface. Besides, it has long service life, so there is no need to repair and change it for long time.

The composite hoses have various sizes in diameter and length, and customers can choose them from the sizes we provide. And we can also manufacture the composite hoses according to customers' requirements.

We are glad and to have the opportunity to cooperate with you in the near future. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in any of our products. And you can email us at tina@hebeiqianli.comg if you have any questions.